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'''[[Lexent]]:''' Of course we won't give up on you. Get feeling better. If I understand correctly, we next plan to play on Tuesday, 27 April, yes?
'''[[Lexent]]:''' Of course we won't give up on you. Get feeling better. If I understand correctly, we next plan to play on Tuesday, 27 April, yes?
'''Pandred''': You can make it up to me with XP. Feel better, and good luck next week!

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Returning to the Great Hall

The DM: Earlier, I posted an image of the whole dungeon that might have given the impression that “F” ended in a dead end. That is not the case. The tunnel was not explored past the broken furniture; you don’t know what lies around the corner.

Pandred: It's been on my mind. I'd like to make sure we throw open every door of the main hall first. At this point, I'm willing to do so simultaneously. This portion of the dungeon appears to belong to the dead and carrion-feeders.

The DM: I look forward to reproducing the effect from Cabin in the Woods.
Vafrandir: There is an underlying theme here, at least!
The dungeon so far

Vafrandir: I am down with that, Pandred. I'll take position on Door (i), remaining are (k), (l), (m)

The DM: Fun

Pandred: One, I love that film. Two, you can't scare me! I will not be intimidated!

Pandred: Gimme l. Helga took a big hit earlier, so she can wait nearby.

Lexent: I move to 2128. "Do we really think opening everything at once is wise?"

Pandred: "If there was a danger, it would have gotten us in the barracks from behind. Should only be animals."

The DM: Okay ...


Pandred: 1, 2, 3, "Hroagh!"

Lexent: Marit in 2127.

Vafrandir: Bjarni is behind me.

Vafrandir: I throw open (i)

Pandred: Opening (l)!

The DM: since I can see only “i”, “k” and “l” opened, I’ll stick with those; the map can wait, since we’re almost done for the day.

“i” is a wet storeroom, with barrels of rancid ale, accounting for the smell. An investigation, however, will show that there are two kegs in the room, one with four gallons of lamp oil (usable) and one with 1½ gallons of vinegar (also usable).
“k” is a toilet. It appears to be full of straw and other compost, so that it can be used regularly. It smells vaguely of vinegar.
“l” (el) is a natural chimney that plunges into the darkness. It has a similar smell to the hole where the rothe are cast down, and there are iron rungs that can be climbed down into it.
no monsters.

The DM: Does anyone hate me yet?

Vafrandir: Not yet but give it time.

Vafrandir: I'll move to (m) and open that as well, Bjarni following.

The DM: you move to touch the handle and your arm loses all of its strength, so that you find yourself compelled to let go.

Pandred: Nice, magical lock. Do Illusionists even get Knock?

The DM: They don't.

Pandred: Ok guys. F or D? Do we think the gobs were sealing themselves into F, or sealing something from elsewhere out of F?

The DM: {OOC} Okay, we’re good. Going forward, I want to warn you that next week should be normal, but the week after is the time of my procedure. The prep is onerous, particularly that last day, and I want to feel warm and fuzzy before going in, so I’m going to go ahead and take that week off. The recovery time is apparently quite short, so I should be back the following Monday. So, the next three days, then the week off, then we begin again as normal.

Pandred (OOC) Sounds like a plan.

The DM: {OOC} Uh, sorry, the following Tuesday. Out.

Vafrandir: Very good. I move for (f). See you all next week! Out.

"F" Hall

Local dungeon with updates

The DM: In. Just to warn you, this is going to be a slow and distracted day.

Lexent: In. Before moving to those 'd' or 'f', if it's alright, let me try a couple of things with door 'm'. I try to open door 'm'. Are the results the same?

The DM: Can't do it. The door is resisting you; even as you try to put your hand on the door, you find you really don't want to.

Lexent: I try to take a lit torch and place it at the base of the door to catch it on fire.

Marcule: does the door feel magical?

Vafrandir: In.

The DM: Can't "feel" magic.

The DM: Lexent, you get the torch lit and you’re standing in front of the door ... but somehow, you can’t seem to move the torch where you want it. You’re just ... stuck.

Lexent: "Well, so much for that. I suggest we work on getting this furniture up to the surface. That chair on top looks nice, we might want to keep it, but I suspect most of this can be used for burning those bodies." (gesturing to the collection in 'f')

Vafrandir: Yes. Let's get to work clearing the blockage. We can stack stuff in the dungeon room to keep it out of the way.

The DM: So, you start?

Lexent: Yes, we start.

Vafrandir: Aye, we start. Sorry, should have made that clear.

First Ghoul

What the hell is that?

You’re in the process of unloading the room, with furniture scattered around, when something unpleasant appears in 2725.

Vafrandir: How aggressive does it appear?

The DM: oh, pretty aggressive. Roll a d6.

Vafrandir: 1

The DM: I won’t rule that as surprise, since I don’t believe you’d be blissfully unaware and not looking for something, even if it was a large spider or a rat nestled among the pile. But ... I will count that as loss of initiative; the ghoul will move into 2526 and “engage” you in melee, without having enough move to swing an arm at you, yet.

Lexent: Does that make it the party's turn?

The DM: Yes, Lexent.

Lexent: I attempt to turn any visible ghouls To Turn: 14

Vafrandir: Have I enough room to swing?

The DM: Have you been moving furniture with your sword in your hand, Vafrandir? Sorry, Lexent, not sufficient.

Ghoul 01.jpg

Vafrandir: No, I'll need to draw.

The DM: Just want to point out that comes first. Larger things take longer to draw, so what weapon do you grab from yourself?

Vafrandir: Club will take a shorter time to draw and time is of the essence. I'll draw that.

The DM: You have room to swing.

Vafrandir: To hit: 6.

The DM: That misses. Do you two want to wait for more participants, or shall we move to the second round?

Lexent: Up to you Vafrandir, I'm okay with either.

Vafrandir: We may as well have another round at least.

Ghoul Round 2

The DM: The ghoul attacks three times, with both claws and head, which stretches out grotesquely from its body and snaps at Vafrandir’s head. The head misses with a 3, the left claw with a 4 and the right claw misses with a 12.

Another ghoul appears in 2725.

Player Round 2

The DM: take your turns. I’ll be about 45 minutes (I’ve got to eat and make two phone calls).

Lexent: I attempt to turn the ghouls, starting with the one engaging Vafrandir To Turn: 15. I then make space, backing to 2126

Vafrandir: If that doesn't turn, I'll attack again. 17 raw: 18 to hit; 5 raw, 6 to hit.

Lexent: If I understand correctly, my turning occurs last in the round anyway.

Pandred: Day got away from me. In.

Pandred: I'll advance to Lex's old position in 2227 if possible.

Marcule: im at the ready but i don't want to throw anything in this tight space

The DM: Lexent’s attempt to turn fails. Pandred enters 2227. Vafrandir successfully hits and stuns the ghoul. Marcule’s line of sight from 2127 is marred by the door.

Vafrandir, do you want to try to hold this corridor or back out with what AP you have left. Stunning the ghoul means you’re not engaged in melee and can stride out.

Vafrandir: Yes! I was hoping for that opportunity. I ask Marit to back up and I stride to 2228.

The DM: Sorry to nitpick. The rule requires you have 2 AP if you want to turn a 60-degree corner. 2228 is TWO 60-degree corners, so would require a minimum of 3 remaining AP. You used 2 to swing your weapon; how many do you have left?

Lexent: Out. Hope to be back in a little bit.

Vafrandir: 3 total, so 1 AP remaining. In that case, Could I get into 2027?

The DM: Yes. You rush between Lexent and Pandred, past Marcule and to 2027 at stride-4.

Ghoul 02.jpg

Round 3

The DM: The ghoul struck by Vafrandir falls into 2627. The other clambers over the furniture into 2426. The players can make their move.

Lexent: Back In.

The DM: Awaiting the players' moves.

Lexent: In the face of what seem to be poor odds, I again attempt to turn the ghouls, closest one first. To Turn: 11. Drat.

Vafrandir: I'll swap my club for my sword.

Lexent: I also back up into 2125

The DM: I'll need Pandred's move for sure before we continue.

Lexent: In what ways does the furniture impact our ability to fight?

Pandred: I'll sit tight, making sure my Battleaxe is ready.

The DM: Lexent, so you know, the open door in 2224 will block your line of sight for further attempts to turn, since you're now in the next room.

Lexent: Yep.

Marcule: Good were I am. "if we can pull the monster out we can have a better crack at it"

Ghoul 04.jpg

Ghoul Round 4

The two ghouls move forward, the nearest one into 2326, where it stands adopt the bench and the chest and attacks down at Pandred (no bonus). The hands roll 7 and 11, and the attempted bite misses with a 7 also. The players are catching a break.

Players Round 4

Act as you’re able.

Lexent: I cast Protection from Malevolence.

The DM: The spell takes the round to cast; you can bestow it on yourself or one other at the start of the next round; I'll allow for you to have gestured at someone you want to approach you in the second before beginning to cast, unless you want to cast it on yourself.
Lexent: My understanding is that once it is cast I will be able to move toward the recipient if it is not myself, and thus be able to choose when I discharge next round. Is this correct?

Pandred: I swing on my ghoulie pal. 15+1+1 hits AC 0, Battleaxe lands for 8+3 11 damage!

The DM: That slaughters it; good for 9 total hit points damage for X.P. It flops into 2226, between the chest and the wall.

The DM: Any remaining moves? The other one is going to attack when the players' round is done.

Vafrandir: Nada from me.

The DM: Okay, let's call it. Weigh in if something occurs before tomorrow. My apologies for the delay in the middle. Out.

Lexent: No Problem. Thanks. Out.

Vafrandir: Out.

The DM: Uh, sorry. I have more bad news. I have an appt. at 10 am; I have to hustle my little butt downtown; I should be back by noon, I hope.

Vafrandir: Don't worry about us. Do what you need to do. Thanks for letting us know!

Lexent: In.

Vafrandir: In.


The DM: Sigh. Just getting in now. I would suggest our fitting in tomorrow, but I'm getting my Covid shot tomorrow. Things are not working out.

Pandred: When it rains it pours. Don't sweat it.

Lexent: Whenever works. Just let us know. Be well.

Alexis: It's Friday; had my shot yesterday and it went okay. Received the Astra-Zeneca version on account of the procedure I have next week. This isn't going to come as a surprise to some of you, but I'm experiencing the after effects of the vaccine and I think I'm laying in today. I'd hoped for one last good day of fighting, but that isn't going to happen. Please don't give up on me.

Lexent: Of course we won't give up on you. Get feeling better. If I understand correctly, we next plan to play on Tuesday, 27 April, yes?

Pandred: You can make it up to me with XP. Feel better, and good luck next week!