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Lexent Povarov is a male gnomish Cleric. His eyes are pine green, his skin is olive and unnaturally smooth, and his hair is tawny, wavy, and oily.

Height 3'4"
Weight 75 lbs.


5 AP 4 AP 3 AP 2 AP 1 AP
Up to 14 15-28 29-42 43-56 57-70
Weight AP
Fighting 28 4
Carrying 48 2

Stealth Rules

Scrambling Rules


HP 11
HP (max) 20
Injury 0
Base Armor 7
Shield +1
AC Total 7
AC Total (With Shield) 6

+4 AC when confronting bugbears, ettin, gnolls, ogres, ogre magi, trolls and giants of every kind.

-1 damage per die from all heat attacks, not including fire (Progenitor's Legacy)

1 Damage per die vs. cold-based attacks against the character. (Physical Prowess)

Saves Base Modified Remarks
Poison (1) 12 12
Paralyse & Petrify 11 8 Gnome toughness
Polymorph 13 10 Gnome Magic Resistance
Rod, Staff, & Wand 14 11 Gnome Magic Reisistance
Breath Weapon 15 12 Gnome Magic Resistance
Other Magic 15 12 Gnome Magic Resistance, (2)

(1) Saves at 1 level higher (Health).

(2) Additional +3 vs. mind altering magical effects from Wisdom.


To Hit AC 10 AC 9 AC 8 AC 7 AC 6 AC 5 AC 4 AC 3 AC 2 AC 1 AC 0
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

+1 to hit when in battle with bugbears, gnolls, goblins, hobgoblins and norkers.

-3 To hit when using any non-proficient weapons.

As a cleric, can keep sling spinning for 2 rounds per level.

Weapon Damage Breaks on Point Blank (+1) Short Medium (-2) Long (-5)
Godentag 2d4 1-4
Gauntlet 1d4-2 1-36 (1-4 injury)
Sling 1d4 1-6 - 2-13 14-25 26-37






Level XP Next Level
2 2881 3001

Gains a 10% bonus to all experience gained, whether or not possessing the prerequisite ability (Tendencies & Interests).

Requires only 4 hours of sleep per night to feel fully rested (Composition).

Experienced at squeezing through tight spaces, and may move through unusually small holes (Agility).

Able to juggle up to 3 hand-sized smooth and symmetrical objects; can catch any object weighing 3 lb. or less if tossed from a distance of less than 10' when a save vs. poison is made (Reflexes & Coordination).


Ability Scores

Stat Score Remarks
Strength 14
Intelligence 11
Wisdom 17 +3 to Mental Saves
Constitution 10
Dexterity 13
Charisma 13

He gains a +1 Charisma bonus when speaking to persons with a charisma at least 3 points lower, due to feelings of camaraderie (Personal Magnetism).

Sage Abilities

The Church
Heraldry, Signs, and Sigils 0
History 4
Politics 3
Religious Art & Music 3
Religious Design 4
Legends & Folklore
Artiacts 2
Beasts 3
Demi-gods 1
Heroes 4
Divination 3
Dweomercraft 5
Faith 11
Medicine 24
Outer Planes 6
Theology & Customs
Astronomy & Astrology 0
Gods 6
Law & Policy 0
Ritual 4

No Rank


  • Aid Rest: Increases hit points restored from rest.
  • Binding Wounds: Improves skill at ending hit point damage caused by wounds.
  • Diagnose Ailment: Identifies a disease or poison affecting the patient's health; does not provide treatment.
  • Olfactory Acuity: Ability to identify some potions and other substances by smell.
  • Preach The power to deliver a sermon, influencing an audience to adopt moral truth, right conduct and worthy leadership.
  • Proselytize The skill to speak with others and encourage them to adopt the cleric's faith.


Personal (Google Drive)

Always(ish) worn

  • holy symbol (small), satinwood
  • clothing (see equipment sheet)
  • boots (high hard), cowhide
  • money belt (See Monies table)
    • belt pouch (small, for sling stones), cowhide
      • sling stones (10)
    • belt pouch (small, for bandages), cowhide
      • bandages
    • godentag, 40 in. long, fir with 8 in. spike
    • sling, cowhide
  • belt, cowhide
    • belt pouch (small, for medicine), cowhide
      • Salt of Ammon
      • Alum
    • shield (small), fir with iron bracing
    • staff of healing (left with backpack while combat ready)

When Travelling

  • doublet, wool
  • gloves, lambskin
  • cloak, wool (as needed per weather)
  • backpack (see equipment sheet)

When Combat Ready

  • helmet
  • Studded Leather Armour
  • Studded Gauntlets
  • godentag, 40 in. long, fir with 8 in. spike (right hand)


GP (16 SP) 2
SP (12 CP) 0
CP 6

Magical Items


  • +1 to hit and damage
  • Can heal 3d4 hp per day to a single target
  • 8 Charges
  • Charge can be spent before an attack to provide +2 damage per cleric level of the wielder

Party(Google Drive)


GP (16 SP) 26
SP (12 CP) 8
CP 8

Monthly Hireling Expenses

Name Role Cost/Month Due Date Birthday XP
Howell Oddsdraken Packbearer 65 c.p.? 3rd
Nadia Pilot, Fisher 4 s.p. + 60 c.p. 19th 7 Aug 31
Valda Farmer, Forager, Hunter 93 c.p 18th 20 May 31
Arvid Sapper 6 g.p. 11th 31
Helga Sapper 6 g.p. 11th 104
Marit Sapper 6 g.p. 11th 94
Asger Sapper 6 g.p. 11th 144
Bjarni Sapper 6 g.p. 11th 31
Ole Cook 6 g.p. 11th 31


He has a 3 inch scar on his left thigh from an accident as a child (Choices).

He has received the notice of the Lord of Buskerud and may therefore seek one favour therefrom (Personal Relationships).

He has a strong chin and unnaturally smooth skin (Beauty).

Lexent's associates and family's behavior has always helped him, they may be relied upon for help (Talent).

Lexent was born in the town of Parnuin in the Gnomish kingdom of Vepses, near Lake Ladoga on 5 Dec 1600 (making him 49 years old as of June 1650). He is 3'4" tall and 75 lbs. He was raised by both parents, the eldest of two siblings, with a brother who is 2 years younger. His father was a chandler and Lexent learned this profession from him. As a boy, Lexent's mentor was invited to Narwa to teach there, and asked Lexent along. That took him down river from Lake Ladoga upon the Baltic Sea. There he found a gnomish community living in the market town, which had a priest there who led him into the seminary. Following that, he worked as a chandler for some years, then finding a place as a substitute temple leader. He was then asked to be part of an embassy to gnomish lands in the west, specifically Lenglin and Nanbrun. Finding the lands of southern Norway interesting, when the embassy was done he elected to stay. He had made a friend of another gnome named Marcule and, inquiring after him, learned he had travelled to Stavanger and then on to Treborg. Following him out of town, he found him investigating a goblin encampment about five miles out of town. He joined the party there.



  • Try to meet boat from Glesvaer on Thursday the 14th in Treborg


Stopover point for trading ships from Bergen
No market or reasonable ability to purchase supplies.
193 persons
Chapel and graveyard
Father Arvin


Gnomish community - several hundred
Bookbinders and Scribes
Medicine, prospecting, and music
2 printing presses
Medical school
Narina(m) - Head of school w/ 20 students
Mostly out prospecting until the light fails in autumn
Glinner(m) - engineer drafting plans to rework and replumb a mine north of Sauda in Ioglefeld. (May not have this info yet)
Musical College
Pumbar - head of college for music and poetry of 25 attendants

What legal document are being carried by the party - Document info

Knowledge about the gnomish religion.

Vafrandir is baptised Lutheran
Marcule is dedicated to the gnomish pantheon
Pandred dedicated Lutheran

Knowledge of gnomes living among human populations instead of gnomish kingdoms in Norway.

How much familiarity do I have with Bergen, how near is it to Nanbrun?

Precise rule on half weight items for gnomes (etc.?)

Party plan is to hexcrawl from Treborg

Found ship - using as base
Dilhak and the axe
Children of Grond