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Abbatoirs, or slaughterhouses, are located near stockyards and run by the butcher's guild. The slaughter of animals occurs in the open air, adjoined with fishmongers' stalls and the sale of certain perishable goods, in an area called the Wet Market. In English and Irish towns the streets where slaughtering takes place are called "The Shambles." Food purchased is cut in the amount wanted while the buyer waits and at this time food is not delivered by the guild. Normally, important or wealthy persons buy animals and not meat, to do their own slaughtering. Those of the middle class often have meat delivered, so as to avoid setting foot in the wet market.

Prices shown are for the city of London, England. Other markets worldwide will have different prices, depending upon their access to transport and location of resources.

Exchange Rates:

1 g.p. = 16 s.p. = 192 c.p.
1 s.p. = 12 c.p.

Item/Service Description Price Weight
beef, dog's rations daily portion for a working dog weighing 60 lbs. 5 c.p. 0.60 lb.
beef, hippogriff's rations daily portion for a working hippogriff 5 s.p. 6.86 lb.
beef, leopard's rations daily portion for a decorative pet leopard 19 c.p. 2.16 lb.
beef, side whole side of beef, unbutchered 11 g.p. 250.00 lb.
pork, side whole side of pig, unbutchered 3 s.p. 200.00 lb.
stun price for cow, donkey, horse or mule cost to kill animal 4 g.p.
stun price for pig cost to kill animal 13 c.p.
stun price for sheep or goat cost to kill animal 2 s.p.

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