Abjure (spell)

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Range 5 ft. per level
Duration 1 year
Area of Effect 1 creature
Casting Time 2 rounds
Saving Throw negates
Level cleric (4th)

Returns a creature to its plane of origin and binds it there for a year, so that the creature cannot return to the prime material. The spell causes no actual damage to the creature abjured, or causes harm in any way.

The reverse of the spell, implore, compels a creature from another plane to appear in the prime material. The spell does not confer any control of the creature to the caster, but generally the creature so gated will be favourably disposed to bargain with the cleric. Food, in the form of sacrifices, appropriate gifts or information are usually the most favourable bargaining tools.

Implored creatures will be able to remain on the prime material plane for a year, but they may return to their own planes at will.