Acceptance (sage ability)

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Provides the character with the skill necessary to walk among an organization of people and be accepted as one of them, so that their presence isn't questioned. The ability will not grant the character with credentials (which would require role-playing), but it will be assumed that the character has told the necessary lies and provided the necessary shibboleth in order to obtain a minimal level of trust. This will allow the character to approach leaders, officials and administrators in the group to initiate a relationship, and thus spy and obtain information. Again, this will require some role-playing.

As a guideline, the character should be able to ask up to three simple questions of a given person within the organization, with the presumption that an hour or two has been spent maneuvering the individual into a conversational mood. These questions must be worded carefully, and not be overt or especially telling, as this will arouse suspicions and start an investigation into the character's legitimacy. Direct questions, such as, "Where do you keep the weapons?"; or questions that reveal the character's ignorance, such as, "How many members does the organization have?", when this would be known by any member — are especially telling. As such, the questions should be indirect; and yes, this must be judged by the DM, as these sorts of conditions defy clear lines of demarcation.

Know, however, that the questions will be answered if asked. As well, the character will be given the opportunity to witness the doings of the organization, and take part as well. Role-played adequately, the character might even rise in the organization, obtaining the necessary papers or patents that would overcome most inquiries, even if they should occur.

The ability is therefore a free pass into many types of organization, of all types. A cabal, however, which usually requires that every person's pedigree and name is known to every member, would deny the opportunities that the Acceptance ability allows.

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