Aerial Servant (spell)

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Aerial servant conjures a powerful being from the elemental plane of air to serve the caster. This being will perform any task asked of it. It may do literally anything — act in combat, fetch things or persons, carry loads for any distance within the spell's duration, spy and report back, deliver a message and so on. Only the caster can communicate with the servant.

Aerial Servant
Range 10 ft.
Duration 1 day per level
Area of Effect 1 servant
Casting Time 3 rounds
Saving Throw none
Level cleric (6th)

Only one servant may be called into being at any one time, but the nature of the spell is such that it need not be cast daily. If the caster does choose to invoke an aerial servant while one already exists, the former one returns to its plane of origin, abandoning whatever tasks it's performing. When called — which may be accomplished at any distance from the servant — the servant drops what it's doing and rushes back to the caster as fast as it's able.

When accomplishing its tasks, the servant may travel to any plane of existence, including the ethereal plane.


The aerial servant attacks as a creature with 16 hit dice, with 1 attack that causes 8-32 damage. It has 64 hit points (h.p.) and can only be hit by magical weapons; once its h.p. are gone, the aerial servant will return to its plane of origin.

The servant has only 2 action points (AP), needing only 1 for an attack and the other for movement. It can move up to 48 hexes in a single round, using both AP; when travelling long distances, it does so at 13.6 miles per hour. It can carry up to 1,000 lbs. in any shape or form.