Animal Friendship (spell)

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Animal Friendship (spell).jpg
Animal Friendship
Range 10 ft.
Duration 10 rounds per level
Area of Effect 1 animal
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw negates
Level bard (1st); druid (1st)

Compels a single animal failing its saving throw save vs. magic to perform certain actions desired by the caster, for the duration of the spell. If the animal makes save, it will be unaffected.

The caster can ask for only one action at a time, and must be within 10 ft. of the animal before giving the animal new instructions. The one exception is that the caster may command the animal to “Come!”, if it is within shouting distance (120 ft.). The animal will then hurry at full movement towards the caster.

Beyond the command to come, the caster may also order the animal to attack (indicating a specific target by hand gestures); hunt (in which case the animal will return any meat it has killed, or not return as the spell duration runs out); defend (remain within 10 ft. of the caster, fighting any who approach within five hexes); find (indicating what is to be found, whereupon the animal will do its best); heel (follow behind the caster); feed (eat what is indicated); or stay (remain in location).

The animal will perform these commands to the best of its ability, for the duration of the spell. If the action cannot be performed, or no further command is forthcoming, the animal will typically remain where it is: sitting, grooming, perching, resting, stretching or a similar activity for as long at the spell lasts.

It requires 2 action points to give a command to the animal. Actions that are already undertaken may be interrupted and replaced.