Animal Trance (spell)

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Animal Trance (spell).jpg
Animal Trance
Range 25 ft. +5 ft. per level
Duration 3 rounds per level
Area of Effect 3 hit dice per level
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw negates
Level bard (1st)

Causes mammals, birds, amphibians & reptiles of 1 to 3 intelligence to become enthralled and take no action. This requires the character to play music, speak prose or poetry, perform a dance or cook a savory or better meal. If the caster moves while performing these tasks, the creatures will follow along, so long as they do not feel threatened. It is possible to lead enthralled animals into traps, or into a place where they might be easily attacked, but this must be done carefully. If the animal senses danger, the spell will be broken.

As well, the spell is also broken if the enthralling method is disrupted or comes to an end, or if the enthralled creature suffers any damage.