Armoured Weave (sage ability)

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Armoured Weave is an amateur-status sage ability that enables the character to maintain a semblance of grandeur and fashion, so that they may appear discerning and refined whether appearing at a social affair or a tactical adventure. The effect of the weave, made into an ensemble of durable, stunning clothes, is that it adds +1 armour class for the character's defense, while offering complete freedom of movement.

The character is given the ability to process the material and fashion the garment, though sadly for their own gender alone, though there is nothing to keep an individual from another sex from adopting the gender presented. Elements will feature a doublet, breeches, waist or long coat, gown, kirtle or petticoats, as desired. The weight of the garment equals 1 lb. per foot of height of the wearer.

The weave may be worn with armour, as a normal set of clothes, but it won't contribute to the protection offered by additional armour in that case. When worn alone, however, it is completely effective to its purpose. The clothes may be worn by any individual of any class, so long as they have been specifically tailored for that person. The designer may create as many ensembles as they wish, but each will require one month (regardless of size) and will require some daily maintenance, in part because the clothes need to be assembled or disassembled upon the wearer with some trouble, as a suit of armour would be.


The weave incorporates no metal in its construction, though the character will require a mithril knife and four mithril needles to complete the garments. The amount of cloth or leather used must equal three times the final weight of the garment, which is then, through tailoring, adjusted to equal the weight described above. Part of the process reduces the weight of the cloth while strengthening its sturdiness, through an unnatural method that is carefully guarded from outsiders.

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