Audible Glamer (spell)

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Audible Glamer (spell).jpg
Audible Glamer
Range 60 ft. +10 ft. per level
Duration 10 rounds per level
Area of Effect equals spell range
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level bard (1st); illusionist (1st); mage (2nd)

Beguiles an audience, causing them to believe that they hear sounds made by multiple creatures, whether intelligent or otherwise. These sounds are incoherent and might be the roar of a crowd, marching, clanking, the chittering of beasts, the clicking of insects and so on. The sound never seems to come from any less than a dozen creatures. The location of the sound may be made to come from whichever direction the caster desires.

The spell is limited in the decibel level it is capable of producing — fifty is the maximum limit, about the sound of a busy street full of carts and hawkers, or the roars of hippopotami. Therefore, the illusion of a crowd or vast number will sound as though it were far away. Likewise, bare whispers will sound close, revealing the magical quality of the spell if obviously no one is present. The spell cannot produce actual words, a message or a recognizable melody.

The glamer will serve as a distraction, and even conceal a true sound. The spell gives a bonus of +2 hexes when calculating stealth, while unknowing creatures hearing the noise increase their chances of being surprised by 1 point.

See Noise (cantrip)