Bard 2nd Level Spells

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Spell Range Duration Area of Effect Casting Save Description
accompaniment 20 ft. 4 min. +1 min./level* 60 ft.; 1 creature 1 round none enables martial spirit and fighting ability
charm person & mammal 30 ft. 5 rounds +3/level 1 creature 1 round negates brings creature under the caster's sway
deafness 60 ft. special* 1 creature/2 levels 1 round negates causes creatures to be made deaf
enthrall self special* 30 ft. radius sphere 1 round negates compels creatures to listen
forget 30 ft. permanent* 30 ft. diameter circle* 1 round negates wipes the memory of those affected
forte self 1 round 120° arc, 50 ft. path 1 round none produces a shock wave that sweeps outward
grazioso touch 6 rounds/level 1 creature 1 round none increase the natural dexterity of the recipient
hold person 60 ft. 4 +1 round/level 3 creatures 1 round negates immobilizes creatures
magic mouth 5 ft./level until discharged* 1 object 1 round none creates a message-giving mouth
pyrotechnics 60 ft. 1 round/level up to 40 ft. from source* 2 rounds negates* transforms an existing fire source
remove curse touch permanent special 1 round none* removes the effects of curse
rope trick touch 10 rounds/level 5 ft. rope/level* 1 round none enchants a rope to rise and fix itself
serenade 60 ft. 10 rounds* 1 creature 10 rounds negates entices the desired recipient to love the caster

(* special; see spell for further details)

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