Blink (cantrip)

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Range 10 ft.
Duration 1 round
Area of Effect 1 creature
Casting Time 1 action point
Saving Throw negates
Level cantrip

Causes the recipient to blink, thus temporarily shielding the creature from seeing.

The recipient will blink several times, and if they fail their saving throw, they will attack at –4 to hit.

If cast upon an ally who moves slower in a given round than the caster, the spell will impart a +4 saving throw against creatures such as medusa, basilisk, catoblepas and so on. If cast upon a creature who has been blinded by a light spell, the creature is allowed a second saving throw which, if successful, will make them able to see normally.

If cast against a creature using eyes as part of their attack — such as those named above, a blindheim or a beholder — and the creature fails its saving throw, all of the creature’s eye attacks will be disrupted for one round.

The cantrip has no effect upon creatures without eyes.

See Person-affecting Cantrips