Blink (spell)

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Once Blink has been put into effect, the caster is able to begin each combat round by "blinking" a distance of up to four combat hexes. The caster simply disappears from one location and reappears at another. This transfer appears instantaneous to any onlooker; from the caster's perspective, the shift requires 12 seconds ~ one full round. However, since this full round occurs on the Astral Plane, which the caster moves through, no time at all passes in normal space.

Range self
Duration 1 blink per level; see text
Area of Effect transfer up to 20 ft.
Casting Time 2 rounds
Saving Throw none
Level mage (3rd)

This transfer period allows the caster to orient themselves, so that they can be ready upon "blinking in" to act normally, unaffected by the shift in location and space. During the round in the Astral Plane, a creature in that plane could be engaged in combat; but such an action would require initiative and a chance for both sides to attack. If the caster were stunned, they would re-emerge in normal space and be stun-locked for one round. The caster cannot control how much time they remain on the Astral Plane during each blink; it is always one round. Note that the time can also be used to speak with a resident in that plane.

However, the journey cannot be used to ready a spell or cantrip. The spell or cantrip would be effective ... but once the return to normal space is accomplished, the magic is dispelled. No effect that is initiated on the Astral Plane will have any effect in normal space ~ including anything gained from a magic item, a potion or a healing salve. The time on the Astral Plane can be used to change weapons, however or to bring an item into hand. During the journey, the caster is limited by the number of action points (AP) they possess, as always.

The transfer does require 1 AP to commence; once returning to normal space and time, regardless of what has happened on the Astral Plane, that 1 AP is spent and what happens after blinking-in again must account for that expenditure. Thus a mage with five total action points spends 1 AP, jumps into the Astral Plane, has five total points to use there, then reappears in normal space has only 4 AP left.

The caster can only accomplish the blink once per combat round. The blink cannot be done after any action has been taken (usually dictated by the expenditure of action points, but not necessarily). The blink must happen at the start of the caster's round and at no other time. The blink ignores all physical restraints, so that a box, or manacles, even the caster's clothes and equipment if wished, can be blinked out of and left behind. Anything worn or carried can be brought along.

The caster is not required to blink in any given round. They can, if they wish, skip round after round, then use up another of their blinks when it seems useful to do so. The remaining blinks will remain possible for up to one minute per level after the spell has been put into effect (discharged).