Centipede (giant)

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Centipede (giant)
Species insect (chilopoda gargantua)
No. Appearing 2–24
Behaviour solitary
Range subterranean
Size 15 in. long
Weight 10 oz.
Intelligence 0
Armour Class 9
Hit Dice 1
Action Points 3
Max. Stride 1
THAC0 20
Hp/Die d2
Attack Forms pincers
Damage 1
Special Attacks poison

A highly venomous creature found underground and throughout populated areas, living primarily on refuse or animals associated with humanoid cities and lairs. Unlike their smaller cousins, giant centipedes are black and not bright red, enabling them to conceal themselves better in dark environments.

Being dangerously venomous, these creatures are unpleasant menace throughout the known world. The poison is more than enough to kill pets, unhealthy domestic animals and even children. Once bitten, the potential victim does receive a +4 bonus to their saving throw; however, if that fails, the poison will cause 6 damage over a period of 18 rounds (beginning on the third round after being bitten. This poison dries quickly and cannot be reconstituted by alchemists, but it resembles the common poison "misery."

They are most dangerous when encountered in sizable numbers, which sometimes happens in tight places below ground, such as sewers, secret passages or chimneys, which giant centipedes will use for travelling between underground lairs, as they can get inside such places easily. In such a space, in the dark, the presence of a giant centipede is not easily detected and it is possible to be unfortunately attacked by 3 to 5 at a time. Usually, however, the number appearing will be scattered around a whole dungeon, where they are stumbled across one at a time.

For a strong party they are little more than a nuisance.

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