Clay Materials (sage study)

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The untrammeled gifts of the earth

Provides the character with a complex understanding of plastic materials, allowing knowledge of clay deposits and their location and the preparation and addition of minerals. Lack of this knowledge requires the character to purchase prepared materials for making earthenware, stoneware or porcelain. The study also includes the modification of clay to produce unusually hard materials or to imbue magical properties.


  • Find Clay: enables location of serviceable clay deposits and useful clay minerals.
  • Prepare Glues & Acids: readies these compounds for use in fusing and etching ceramics and glass.
  • Ready Clay: prepares earthenware clay for use in modelling, glaze or sculpture, ensuring the practicality of flux and shaping.


  • Etch Glass: allows use of acids and other materials to effect the surface of blown glass; requires amateur glaze ability to produce artistic work.
  • Hardened Materials: increases the density of clay materials, with knowledge of how to shape and prepare ceramics as weapons and sling missiles.
  • Ready Stoneware or Porcelain: prepares kaolin and mineral compounds as materials for the making of high quality translucent ware.


  • Potion Bottle: required knowledge to create ceramic vessels that will sustain the useful effects of magical potions indefinitely.

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