Cleric 3rd Level Spells

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Spell Range Duration Area of Effect Casting Save Believer Description
animate dead 10 ft. permanent 1 hit dice/level 2 rounds none no raises dead as undead
cloudburst 20 ft./level 10 rounds* 30 ft. circle, 60 ft. high 2 rounds none* no creates heavy rain
continual light 120 ft. permanent 60 ft. diameter globe 2 rounds none* no creates permanent light
create food & water 10 ft. permanent 10 lbs./level 2 rounds none no creates food & water
cure blindness touch permanent 1 creature 1 round none* no cures or causes blindness
cure disease touch permanent 1 creature 2 rounds special no cures or causes disease
death’s door touch permanent* 1 creature 2 rounds none* no snatches creatures from death
dispel magic 60 ft. permanent 30 ft. cube 2 rounds none* no eliminates magic
feign death touch 10 +3 rounds/level 1 creature 1 AP none yes creates the illusion of death
flame walk touch 10 +2 rounds/level above 5th 1 creature/level 2 rounds none yes improved resist fire for multiple recipients
glyph of warding touch until discharged 5 +2 ft./level circle 2 rounds special no creates a glyph from a spell
locate object self 1 round/level 120 +10 ft./level 2 rounds none no locates an object
magical vestment touch 6 rounds/level 1 creature 2 rounds none yes creates magical armour
meld into stone self 8 +1 round/level special 1 AP none yes transforms the cleric into stone
prayer self 2 rounds/level 60 ft. radius 2 rounds none yes increases to hit and morale
remove curse touch permanent special 2 rounds none* no removes the effects of curse
remove paralysis touch permanent* 1 creature/level 2 rounds none* no removes all forms of paralysis
speak with dead self special 1 creature 10 rounds none no communicates with the dead
water walk touch 10 +10 rounds/level 1 +1 creature/2 levels 2 rounds none* yes enables walking on water

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