Cleric Combat Abilities

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Weapons Available to Clerics
Weapon Damage # of Hands Break Chance Attack Form
bola 1-4 both 1 in 6 hurled
bo stick 2-5 both 1 in 8 hand-to-hand
club 1-6 one 1 in 4 hand-to-hand, hurled
flail 2-7 both 1 in 8 hand-to-hand
godentag 2-8 one 1 in 4 hand-to-hand
jo stick 1-4 both 1 in 10 hand-to-hand
mace 2-7 one 1 in 6 hand-to-hand
morning star 2-8 both 1 in 8 hand-to-hand
quarterstaff 1-6 both 1 in 6 hand-to-hand
sling 1-4 both 1 in 6 hurled
staff sling 1-4 both 1 in 6 hurled
warhammer 1-6 one 1 in 6 hand-to-hand, hurled

With every experience level, clerics roll a d8 to determine their hit points. At 1st level, characters are presumed to have rolled an "8" on the die, starting with "full" hit points. Clerics also gain hit points for their body mass, which is rolled by the DM.

Clerics have not dedicated long hours to becoming proficient at combat and are limited to weapons that are neither edged nor designed for stabbing. Clerics are able to wear any type of armour, including helmets and gauntlets.

Clerics begin with two weapon proficiencies. A new weapon proficiency is gained for every fourth level after 1st: at 5th level, 9th level, 13th level and so on. The penalty for using a non-proficient weapon is -3 to hit.

Missile Range in Combat Hexes
Weapon Point Blank Short Medium Long
bola 3-9 10-16 17-23
club 2 3-5 6-7 8-9
sling 2-13 14-25 26-37
staff sling 4-18 19-35 36-52
warhammer 2 3-5 6-8 9-11

The table below gives ranges for the cleric's missile weapons. Weapons thrown or fired at point blank range are +1 to hit. There is no adjustment at short range. Medium range gives a -2 penalty, while long range gives a -5 penalty.

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