Cloudburst (spell)

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Range 20 ft. per level
Duration 10 rounds; see text
Area of Effect 30 ft. circle, 60 ft. high
Casting Time 2 rounds
Saving Throw none
Level cleric (3rd); druid (3rd)

Creates rain, which falls in huge drops as a downburst. The effect draws air into the top of the effect and pushes air outwards. This breeze will steadily push away fog or cloud at the rate of 5 ft. every two rounds the spell is in effect.

The rainfall equals 1 inch per round, which will drench everything almost at once. All normal fires will be extinguished; lanterns will remain lit so long as they make a save vs. petrification every round they are inside the rain.

Small fires will likewise extinguish; medium-sized fires will be doused in 3-5 rounds and large fires in 5-6 rounds. Magical fires such as wall of fire or a flame tongue sword will be doused within 7-10 rounds.

The spell will cause 1-3 damage per round against creatures whose bodies generate heat (salamanders, flame snakes, polar worms, fire elementals, etc.) or are composed primarily of earth (clay golems, earth elementals, sandmen, dust devils, etc.).

The spell will be half strength in very arid and desert-like conditions. In hot or humid areas the duration of the spell will increase by 2 rounds per level of the caster.

In chilly weather, the cloudburst will fall as sleet. In colder conditions (frosty and below), precipitation will fall as snow — in which case the duration of the spell is doubled but the effects are halved (or diminished until the snow is allowed to melt).

Cloudburst is so powerful that it will not create fog; however, if combined with either magical or natural conditions like either rain or snowfall, the spell will cover twice the size of the spell effect will be formed, and the amount of precipitation will be doubled.