Create Food & Water (spell)

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Create food & water causes the appearance of "scullery" prepared, "fresh" food, like that cooked in a typical home kitchen in a small fireplace. This food will be "flavourful" in taste, with only a small potential (roll 4 or less on 3d6) of making the eater feel grumpy or tired. The water created will be clean and drinkable, without trace of mineral content, as the spell create water.

Create Food & Water
Range 10 ft. per level
Duration permanent
Area of Effect 10 pounds per level
Casting Time 2 rounds
Saving Throw none
Level cleric (3rd)

The spell produces more than enough for eight people, even after a battle, if the caster is 5th level, and many more for labouring or resting persons. Roughly a gallon of water may be created per level. The caster should stipulate how much water and how much food is desired when casting the spell.

Destroy Food & Water

The reverse of the spell, destroy food & water, with cause food or water, regardless of quality or purity, to simply vanish from sight. The caster may, for effect, cause food to visibly rot over a period of six seconds, while water can be made to slowly lower over the same period of time until it disappears.

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