Cure Critical Wounds (spell)

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Cure critical wounds.jpg

Cure critical wounds is a powerful healing spell, capable of restoring 5d10 plus 20 hit points (h.p.) to injured or damaged persons.

Cure Critical Wounds
Range touch
Duration permanent
Area of Effect 25-70 h.p.
Casting Time 2 rounds
Saving Throw none
Level cleric (5th); druid (5th)

Once the spell is cast, the caster need not concentrate upon it; the spell is available to the caster for up to five minutes after casting. It must be used by that time, or the dweomer is lost.

The caster may discharge various amounts of the total healing to more than one recipient. Thus, of 63 healing, the caster could deliver 15 to Campbell, 22 to Darby, 4 to Evers, 9 to Ferguson and the remaining 13 to his or her self. Each individual must be touched to be healed; this can be done at a rate of one recipient per round.

Cause Critical Wounds

The reverse of the spell can be used to deliver a single blast of hit points damage to a victim. To do so, the caster must attempt to hit. The enemy's armour is ignored; the caster needs to hit armour class 10 to succeed.

The touch can be attempted several times, but once it does damage, the dweomer is dispelled. Creatures with non-corporeal bodies, such as shadows and banshees, arn't affected.

If the creature to be touched also delivers an attack by contact, such as a ghoul or a ghast, the caster isn't protected by the spell.