Darkness, 15 ft. radius (spell)

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Darkness (spell).jpg

Darkness causes an impenetrable to appear where desired by the caster. Within this area, all light is obliterated, so that within the inky blackness an observer can see nothing at all. The spell affects infravision, but those possessing ultravision are able to see normally.

Darkness, 15 ft. radius
Range 10 ft. per level
Duration 10 +1 round per level
Area of Effect 15 ft. radius globe
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level cleric (2nd)

The dividing line between darkness inside the spell's effect and the ambient light without is absolute — so that characters standing with half their face inside the darkness would be utterly blind in one eye, while perfectly able to see with the other. A light will dispel the darkness, unless a save vs. magic is made by the darkness's caster. Darkness, on the other hand, will always dispel a light spell. When either spell is broken by the other, both spells cease to be in effect.

Shooting into or through the created darkness gives a –8 penalty to hit. Swinging a weapon around in the darkness also gives a -8 penalty; with the wielder not knowing whether friend or foe is the target. Those outside the darkness, attacking into it with a hand-to-hand weapon, are only –4 to hit — but the target must be in an adjacent hex.

Once cast in place, the darkness area of effect cannot be moved or adjusted.