Demi-gods (sage study)

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Provides knowledge of supernatural god-like beings, those which have names, are known to possess personalities and failings, or who are driven by their emotions, have limited powers and a corporeal or semi-corporeal existence.

While these limited powers may be quite extensive, demi-gods are not omnipotent and do have finite abilities. They may not appear simultaneously in more than one place; though they are immortal, they can be struck and hurt by weapons and magic; and while able to hear and respond to worshippers, there is much knowledge in the world that they do not possess. They can be fooled, foiled in their expectations and even frightened.

Most "gods" listed in the Deities & Demigods manual (and all other sources) are considered, in this wiki, as 'demi-gods.' Some gods so listed, such as the Old Ones of the Cthulhu mythology, have been mistakenly downgraded and misunderstood. Additional gods may be brought into the campaign from earth-based myths.


  • Know Deity: identify or recognize the presence of a given demi-god through imagery or influence.
  • Sphere of Influence: knowledge of a demi-god's form and extent of influence.

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