Detect Invisibility (spell)

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Detect Invisibility
Range 10 ft. per level
Duration 5 rounds per level
Area of Effect 10 ft. path, to spell range
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level illusionist 1st; mage (2nd)

Grants one recipient the opportunity to see invisible creatures or objects within the spell's range. This includes invisibility by the spell of the same name, phasing (such as with spiders or blink), astral travel, etherealness or even merely creatures that are hidden or concealed.

The spell's recipient will be able to see the invisible creature perfectly, though this may not give them the ability to attack, if they are out of phase or ethereal. This knowledge, unfortunately, cannot be imparted easily to others; at best, attacks directed by the recipient at a target will be -6 to hit. Area effect spells directed at the invisible creature's location will be normally effective, however.

The recipient will be able to direct only one such attack per round.