Druid 2nd Level Spells

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Spell Range Duration Area of Effect Casting Save Description
barkskin touch 5 rounds/level 1 creature 1 round none improves armour class by 2 points
charm person & mammal 30 ft. 5 +3 rounds/level 1 creature 1 round negates* brings creature under the caster's sway
create water 10 ft. permanent 1 cub.ft./level 1 round none creates water
cure light wounds touch permanent 1 to 8 recipients 1 round none* cures 4 +d4 hit points
feign death touch 10 +3 rounds/level 1 creature 1 action point none creates the illusion of death
fire trap touch until discharged* 1 object 1 round ½ damage traps closed objects
flame blade touch 1 round/level 1 scimitar 1 round none acts as a weapon and sets things alight
goodberry touch 1 day/level 2-8 fresh berries 1 round none gives berries the power to heal or to sustain
heat metal 40 ft. 7 rounds 1 creature/level 1 round none heats metal intensely
locate plants 60 ft./level 6 rounds/level self 1 round none gives location & number of desired plants
obscurement self 4 rounds/level 10 ft. diameter/level 1 round none creates a misty vapour that limits vision
produce fire 10 ft. undetermined 3 ft. diameter* 1 round none creates a log fire in full burn
slow poison touch 1 hour/level 1 creature 1 round none delays death from poison
trip touch 10 rounds/level 10 ft. length 1 round none creates a snare able to trip creatures
warp wood 10 ft./level permanent 1 hex +1 hex/3 levels* 1 round none warps and contorts wooden objects

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