Druid 4th Level Spells

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Spell Range Duration Area of Effect Casting Save Description
animal summoning I 40 ft. 1 round/level 1 hit dice/level 2 rounds none summons animals from the local environment
call woodland beings 20 ft. 1 round/level special* 2 rounds none summons woodland beings to serve as friends
control temperature self 40 +10 rounds/level 10 ft. radius* 2 rounds none raises or lowers the ambient temperature by one grade
create wildfire 40 ft. 1 round* 30 ft. diameter circle 2 rounds none creates a normal fire that has the potential to spread naturally
cure serious wounds touch permanent 1 to 48 recipients 2 rounds none cures 16 +4d8 hit points
dispel magic 60 ft. permanent 30 ft. cube 2 rounds none* eliminates temporal magic currently in effect
hallucinatory forest 80 ft. permanent* 1 acre per 10 levels 4 rounds none creates a semi-permanent illusionary forest
hold plant 80 ft. 1 round/level 2 hit dice/level 2 rounds negates arrests the movement of plant creatures
plant door touch 10 rounds/level special 2 rounds none opens a magical portal through undergrowth and thick vegetation
protection from lightning touch 1 round/level 10 ft. diameter circle 2 rounds none denies the effects of all electrical attacks, natural or magical
repel insects self 4 rounds/level 10 ft. radius 2 rounds none* creates an invisible barrier against insects and arachnids
speak with plants self 10 rounds/level 30 ft. circle 2 rounds none empowers the caster to speak directly with intelligent plants

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