Druid 5th Level Spells

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Spell Range Duration Area of Effect Casting Save Description
animal growth 80 ft. 2 rounds/level 2 hit dice/level 3 rounds none causes animals to grow up to twice their normal size
animal summoning II 60 ft./level 3 rounds/level 2 hit dice/level 3 rounds none* summons animals from the local environment
anti-plant shell self 10 rounds/level 15' diam. dome 3 rounds none creates a barrier against vegetable creatures and materials
commune with nature self ½ hour* ½ mile/level 1 round none enables the caster to become aware of the surrounding world
control winds self 10 rounds/level 20 ft. radius dome/level 3 rounds none enables the alteration of wind forces
insect plague 360 ft. 10 rounds/level 360 ft. circle, 60 ft. high 3 rounds none* creates a horde of creeping, hopping and flying insects
moonbeam 10 ft./level 1 round/level 10 ft. diam. circle 3 rounds none creates a movable shaft of light emanating from another plane
pass plant touch 1 jump/level special* 1 round none enables the use of trees as a means of teleportation
spike stones 60 ft. 30 + 5 rounds/level 4 hexes/level (10 ft. square) 3 rounds none transforms stony ground into hard pointed spikes as a barrier
sticks to snakes 30 ft. 2 rounds/level 1 stick/level 2 rounds none transforms ordinary sticks into poisonous snakes
transmute rock to mud 160 ft. permanent 5 ft. cube/level 3 rounds none transforms unworked, natural rock into mud
wall of fire 80 ft. 1 round/level* 10 ft./level 3 rounds none creates a physical 15 ft. high wall of magical fire

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