Dweomercraft (sage study)

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Dweomercraft is a sage study in the fields of Power and Reverence, surrounding the detection, understanding and manipulation of unnatural manifestations. This latter includes creatures whose existence defies ordinary biology or the limitations of physics; this largely includes creatures originating on other planes of existence, such as demons, devils, elementals, valkyrie and so on. This includes those very ancient creatures associated with the Cthulhu mythos, and intelligent undead, whose translation from life to death has been interrupted.

Thus the study contributes greatly to a cleric or paladin's ability to resist undead. The study provides knowledge that permits characters to recognize when a manifestation occurs, and what's being witnessed. With considerable knowledge, the study also permits the power to bring forth creatures, send them back and even travel between planes.

There are those who use this knowledge to commit acts, called "maleficia," intended to cause damage or injury; these persons wish to release beings upon the world as punishments against the good and evil alike, believing that only a violent clensing can purge the world's sins. Such persons are known to perform mass rites, practice sexual intercourse with demons, pursue paths of self-destruction along with other acts of perversion and heresy. The existence of such people has wrought great wrong upon the world; and like wrong has been committed in the name of persecuting innocents as practitioners of maleficia.

Therefore, those with knowledge of Dweomercraft must be careful to conceal their education, lest their motives be misunderstood by panicked, zealous entities who may rush to condemn before learning the individual's true character.

Sage Abilities

The sage abilities below are those acquired by a character through the study, according to status.

Amateur Status

  • Turn Undead: the ability of clerics to force back undead through knowledge and will.

Authority Status

  • Call Manifestation: lures forth a single minor manifestation known to reside in a location, permitting the suspension of hostilities while allowing communication.
  • Casting Out: enables the hurling out of an unnatural infection entering the subject's body, such as lycanthropy or vathektic tremens, though the effort to remove either is highly onerous and time-consuming.
  • Contact Other Plane: enables the player to seek advice from a known supernatural being from another plane of existence.

Expert Status

  • Astral Portal: opens a door into the Astral Plane, but provides no special protections or aids for travelling there.
  • Bargain a Deal: gives the player leverage in making a deal with a creature from another plane.
  • Form Coven: enables the recognition of others of like mind, to join with the character in formation of an influencial mystical cabal.
  • Seduce Manifestation: makes a request of a specific form of unnatural creature for the purpose of practicing sexual intercourse.

Sage Status

  • Dark Practices: enables the character to conjure forth intended creatures such as cockatrice, manes and bilgesnipe.
  • Gate: opens a passageway into a chosen plane of existence, with the possibility of letting through an unknown entity through the same gate.

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