Feather Fall (spell)

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Feather Fall (spell).jpg

Feather fall arrests a falling creature or object in mid-fall, so as to preserve the recipient or object from suffering potentially catastrophic damage. Because the casting and discharge time is so brief, the caster can literally see the fall taking place and check it in time.

Feather Fall
Range 30 ft. per level
Duration until reaching solid ground
Area of Effect 1 creature or object; see text
Casting Time blink of an eye
Saving Throw none
Level mage (1st)

If it should happen that the caster is stunned, he or she would be disoriented and unable to cast the spell upon another ... but through training and practice, the caster will automatically arrest his or her own fall, should it occur.

Once enacted, the creature or object's speed is reduced to that of a feather — thus, to the speed equal to 10 feet per round, without acceleration. During the feather fall, there isn't sufficient momentum to float left or right, and from a great height it may take more than a minute to complete the descent. While affected by the spell, a recipient can cast spells, carefully obtain items from his or her person, target an enemy on the ground with a missile weapon or perform numerous other actions.