Find the Path (spell)

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Find the path enables the recipient to instantly know, without mistake, the most practical direct route between the recipient and that place they wish to go. This prevents becoming lost in a forest or within jumbled terrain, or when pursuing a desired route into a dungeon.

Find the Path
Range touch
Duration 1 day
Area of Effect 10 mile distance
Casting Time 3 rounds
Saving Throw none; see below
Level cleric (6th)

However, the knowledge exists only in the mind of the recipient; so if he or she is rendered unconscious or killed, the knowledge will be lost until the recipient is revived or the spell is cast upon another recipient.

Through the spell's duration, should there be a change to the "best route," due to an alteration of obstacles or natural conditions, the spell will correct the pathway automatically — and this correction will be understood instantly by the recipient. Whenever possible, the spell will select the shortest route; but the spell will also recognize the recipient's desire to arrive at a destination without undo hazard.

If the perceived destination is beyond the spell's area of effect, the spell will direct the recipient to the best "jumping off" point, where the spell can be re-cast and the journey commenced.