Fireball (spell)

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Fireball creates an explosive ball of magic flame that expands up to the area of effect; the caster can, if wished, create fireballs of any size up to that limit. The expansion is instantaneous, as is its evaporation, which happens almost at once. The bodily cells of the recipient are torn asunder by a burst of energy — it's this surge that causes damage rather than the presence of flame; the "fire" is, in fact, incidental.

Fire ball
Range 10 + 10 ft./level
Duration instantaneous
Area of Effect 20 ft. radius sphere
Casting Time 2 rounds
Saving Throw ½ damage
Level mage (3rd)

The spell delivers 1d6 hit points damage per level of the caster to any individual located within the area of effect — including those who are physically upon the boundary of the fireball. All creatures so affected are entitled to a saving throw against magic; a successful roll halves the damage taken. The spell makes no distinction between friend and foe, so it must be cast carefully to achieve the safest result.

Carried objects within the blast are also affected by the spell, and must also make saving throw against magical fire (rather than disintegration, as the strength of the spell is less and the choice of save type reflects this). Objects that fail save are considered blown apart and useless.

Because of its brief nature, the fireball spell cannot be used to create fire. When it occurs, there is a slight outward press of air, but not sufficient to stun persons. The sound of the blast is a roar as loud as visible but distant thunder.