Flame Strike (spell)

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Flame strike releases a blast of flame that streams from the caster's hand or from the sky, exploding within the spell's area of effect. Recipients are allowed a saving throw to reduce the damage by half; in addition, the recipient's armour, weapons and carried equipment must also make a save against magical fire.

Flame Strike
Range 60 ft.
Duration 1 round
Area of Effect 10 ft. diameter circle
Casting Time 2 rounds
Saving Throw reduces 50% of damage
Level cleric (5th)

Those who are struck will suffer 6-48 damage, +1d4 per level of the caster above 9th. Thus, a 13th level caster could deliver a flame strike that would cause 6d8 + 4d4, or 10-64 damage. A character saving against a strike causing 45 damage, he or she would lose 22 hit points — the remaining fraction is disregarded.


Because the strike lasts for a full round, other flammable items not connected with the targets, within the circle of effect, must make a saving throw vs. normal fire. Should a significant object such as a tree or piece of furniture is set ablaze — one that cannot be easily smothered — then the resulting combustion will start to spread to other objects, unless steps are taken.

Casting flame strike indoors will require each touched wall, the floor and the ceiling rafters of a room to make saving throw, as well as other objects, greatly increasing the possibility of starting a fire.