Footfall (cantrip)

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Range 30 ft.
Duration 1 round
Area of Effect 30 ft. circle, up to 2 creatures
Casting Time 2 action points
Saving Throw negates
Level cantrip

The cantrip simulates the sound of moving feet, with a direction that can be chosen by the caster. Others will be able to hear that the footsteps are moving in a particular direction, or pacing back and forth. The cantrip is particularly effective in convincing an listener that someone is coming, or that someone is moving on the floor above their heads. There are other inventive ways in which the caster can produce a distraction of this kind.

The effect is compulsive, causing others to save vs. magic or else move to investigate the sound. Up to two creatures within 30 ft. will need to save; if there are more than two listeners present, a random die should be rolled to see who is thus affected. Once an investigator can see where the sound emanates from, the cantrip's magic is broken.

See Haunting Sound Cantrips