Forbiddance (spell)

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Range 30 ft.
Duration 1 day
Area of Effect 20 by 30 ft. space per level
Casting Time 3 rounds
Saving Throw none
Level cleric (6th)

Causes a given area to become enchanted, so that uninvited creatures will have difficulty entering, and will suffer damage when doing so.

Creatures designated by the cleric may enter or leave the forbiddance at will … but all other creatures must first make save versus magic to be able to enter at all—failure indicates the creature cannot will itself to enter the area of effect.

Uninvited creatures who have made their save will understand instinctively that the forbiddance is in place and that in pushing forward, they will suffer damage. Non-intelligent creatures, and those of 1 intelligence, will never enter a forbiddance. Creatures of 2-4 intelligence may be compelled forward, but will be 90% likely to rear, panic or even attack their owners before doing so. Creatures of 5 or greater intelligence must roll morale (with a penalty of –2 to their dice) before entering.

Upon entering a forbiddance, following saving throw, creatures will take 2-12 damage. This is magical damage, and may not affect a creature with magic resistance.

The damage will occur one time only, and while future attempts to enter a forbiddance on a given day will yet require an additional saving throw, no more damage will be suffered.

The spell range refers to the nearest edge of the forbiddance (which may begin at the Cleric’s feet). The forbiddance may be of any shape, but must be laid out in 20 by 30 foot sections.