Freshen (cantrip)

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Freshen (cantrip).jpg

Freshen removes all odour or smell from any material or substance within the cantrip's effect. This includes smells deriving from skunks, corpses, feces, rotted food and burning sulphur, among others, that brings unpleasantness for others and diminishes the characters' appeal.

Range 10 ft.
Duration 1 hour
Area of Effect 1 cubic yard; see text
Casting Time 2 action points
Saving Throw none
Level cantrip

Additionally, the magic will counter the nauseating effects of odours such as gas, stinking cloud and the emanations from creatures such as troglodytes, for one recipient, for the cantrip's duration.

The cantrip's magic only masks the smell; it does not rid it from the object entirely. Once the duration is past, the affected area will revert to its former sour, putrid or rancid condition, to the intensity that it's potential allows. In some cases, clean might permanently rid the smell, but in most cases, such as a corpse or rotted food, the clean version of either would still stink as gas is emitted from within.

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