Grease (spell)

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Grease produces a slick of slippery, hazardous surface to occur within the area of effect, so that combatants and others walking on the surface will miss their footing and fall. It's presumed the creature will fail to recognize the greased surface before stepping on it. The spell is ineffective against creatures that weigh more than 1,000 lbs.

Range 20 ft.
Duration 1 day
Area of Effect 1 combat hex per level
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw negates
Level mage (1st)

The specific hexes covered must be within the spell's range at the time of discharge, but need not be continguous with one another. Less than a full hex cannot be affected. Upon stepping upon the surface, the victim makes save vs. petrification. Each individual hex stepped on requires a unique saving throw.

Failing the save causes the victim to fall, suffering 1 damage. Creatures making save must vacate the greasy surface for one that's uncovered, using action points (AP) and possibly ending where they'd rather not be. Once a creature has fallen, it must clamber off the greased area on its hand and knees, receiving a -4 penalty to its armour class and a 1 AP penalty for every hex being exited.

Other Uses

The effect can be applied to other surfaces: ropes, ladder rungs, doorknobs, stairs, railings and so on. If a creature unknowingly leans on a greased surface like a railing above a drop, a failed save would mean slipping and falling over the edge. When determining how much vertical space can be covered, use the hex's five-by-five sq.ft. area as a guide.