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Healing describes the recovery of hit points lost from combat and other incidents. There are numerous ways in which healing can be accomplished, to promote the survival and well-being of player characters.

The ways in which hit points can be recovered include:

Rest: requires time to recover and gain hit points on a daily basis.
Class Abilities: lay on hands.
Healing Spells: cure light, serious and critical wounds, aid, goodberry, heal and heroes' feast.
Magic Items: the Cup of Al'Akbar, healing salve, Keoghtom's ointment, a periapt of wound closure, potions of healing and extra-healing, a ring of regeneration and scrolls with the above-mentioned spells.
Natural Abilities: regeneration.
Places: glades, shrines
Sage Abilities: aid rest, bring comfort, ceramic ornament and horse physiology.

By taking steps to employ as many of the above as possible, a party should expect to thrive in a game world bent on causing damage and killing each member. Parties engaged in adventure are forever struggling against villains and others bent on destruction, and thus will often have to make due with barely half their hit points. Maintaining full hit points all the time is an unimaginable luxury.

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