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Species construction
No. Appearing 1
Behaviour servant
Range rural, subterranean, urban
Size 1 ft. 6 in. tall
Weight 6 lbs.
Intelligence 13
Armour Class 6
Hit Dice 2
Action Points 4
Max. Stride 1
THAC0 20
Hp/Die d2
Attack Forms 1: fangs
Damage 1–3
Special Attacks flight, saving throw, telepathy, venom

Homunculi, sometimes called doorkeepers, are made through alchemical processes related to the study of fabricating golems. The methodology is of disturbing nature, involving putrefaction, investing spent human waste with life through arcane means, ultimately resulting in an unnatural abomination that is birthed, alive, from an animal's womb. In every sense the homunculus is of loathsome form and origin, and it is for this reason that they are often regarded as inherently evil.


For its creator, the homunculus is a loyal servant that acts somewhat like a familiar. It is quite capable of acting as an apprentice, performing lab experiments, cleaning and perform other duties, limited only by its size. The creature cannot speak, but it is able to make various high-pitched shrills that the creator is able to recognize, each conveying the creature's emotional state. Homunculus do not sleep, and are therefore able to remain awake all night long and guard the creator's door — thus, the name "doorkeeper."


Perhaps owing to their creation, homunculus possess a cold-blooded nature. They lack empathy or regret for anything they might do; they are fascinated with suffering and will perpetrate it upon any victim except their creator. They have been known to gouge out the eyes of helpless persons and to perform heinous acts with indifference. While nominally under constant orders from their creator, they are capable of the worst actions when their creator is asleep or unable to restrain them.

Homunculi walk with a shuffling, rolling gait on two legs, as they are fat in the body. They often compensate for their short legs with some knuckle-walking. The one eye seems unnaturally focused; they do not blink nor possess eyelids; the eye tends to glisten, with some postulating that the orb "sweats" in order to keep from drying. Homunculus will eat anything, including humanoid flesh. They will do whatever their creator asks.


When its creator is awake and wills it so, the homunculus will maintain a telepathic connection between it and its creator. This allows both participants to see through the eyes of the other, and hear all that is said. This telepathy exists only so long as the creature is within a ¼-mile of its creator; beyond that, the connection is severed. Part of this connection allows the homunculus a saving throw equal to its master, unless the creature is beyond this range.

The homunculus possesses two small wings that fold into its back, enabling periods of flight that last no more than two rounds. During these flights the creature is able to move at stride-3. It likes to perform an erratic swooping pattern around enemies when trapped in small spaces, which will make the creature -4 to hit until its next attack. It must "rest" for twice as many rounds as it flew, at which time it moves at normal speed, before it is able to take flight again. For example, a homunculus that flew for one round would rest for two.

When the homunculus bites it's victim, a save vs. magic must be made, or the victim will fall asleep. A +1 bonus for this save is allowed for every 200 lbs. weight of the victim. Those who fail will be helpless, and if the homunculus is not engaged or threatened, it will attempt to assassinate the sleeping victim. If it is unable to bite its victim, a homunculous will use a short stabbing weapon, a spear or a dagger, which will also cause 1-3 damage.

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