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Humanoids are creatures who bear resemblance to humans, such as possessing opposable forelimbs, having two eyes, the ability to walk on heels and possessing a brain found in the head. Of all the humanoids found on planet earth, only humans are actually indiginous. The earliest non-humans to appear — according to most sources — were elves, approximately 50 to 40 thousand years ago. It is certain that these bipeds found their way to earth through spontanteous-opening gate from an inner plane called the Outlands. It may perhaps have been more than one gate. Through the next 25,000 years, scattered gates opened in multiple locations for brief periods, most notably in the Sahel, the Kalahari, the Andes Mountains and the Barrier Reef. It is possible that an opening gate was partly responsible for the sinking of Atlantis.

The most significant gate opening occurred in the Kodar Mountains of central Asia, approximately 21,000 years ago. This gate remained open for one hundred years, resulting in a scattering of cave peoples, including giants throughout the continent. This one cosmic event has radically altered the distribution of humanoids throughout the world. Some humanoids are subdivided into larger "races," such as demi-humans, orcish, goblinish and faeries.


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