Illusionary Cantrips

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Cantrip Range Duration Area of Effect Casting Save Description
Coloured Lights 60 ft. 1 round/level 15 ft. circle per globe 1 round none Creates globes of illusionary light
Dim 10 ft. 10 rounds 1 light 2 moves none Dims an existing light to half its strength
Haze 20 ft. 3 rounds 5 ft. circle, 7 ft. high 2 moves none Creates a difficult to see through haze
Mask touch 5 rounds 1 creature 3 moves none Transforms one creature to look like another
Mirage sight special special 2 moves none Makes an image appear on the landscape
Noise 30 ft. 1 round; special 1 creature 2 moves negates Disorients, causes temporary deafness
Rainbow horizon 1-4 rounds horizon 2 moves negates Creates a rainbow to compel attention
Two D'llusion 10 ft. 1 round/level 6 ft. square 2 moves reveals Creates a 2-dimensional illusion

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