Invisibility, 10 ft. Radius (spell)

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Invisibility, 10 ft. Radius imparts the effects of the invisibility spell to all those creatures located within 10 feet of the caster, up to a maximum of 26 small or medium-sized creatures. Larger creatures count as 2 smaller creatures per combat hex they would normally occupy.

Invisibility, 10 ft. Radius
Range self
Duration see text; see the spell invisibility
Area of Effect 10 ft. radius; see text
Casting Time 2 rounds
Saving Throw none
Level illusionist (3rd), mage (3rd)

Creatures made invisible by this means must remain within 30 feet of the caster (six combat hexes) in order to retain their invisibility. Apart from this, the usual rules that apply to the 2nd level spell invisibility also apply with respect to otherwise breaking the spell or being seen.