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Study of the system of those theological laws enforced by the character's religion, supplemented by an equal amount of knowledge in a single political entity of the character's choice. This may be an independent state or the province/elector within an empire (for example, the Holy Roman, the Ottoman, the Safavid or the Moghul empires). The size of the political entity is not relevant.

Knowledge points may not thereafter be assigned to other entities - however, in dealing with other political or related religious entities, the character may count their knowledge at half value. Related religious entities would be those covered by watershed-frameworks like Judeo-Christianity, Islam, Hinduism (including sects such as Jainism and arguably Sikhism), Buddhism (Taoism, Zen) and various Paganism relationships. These should be judged on a case by case basis.


  • Business Dealing: the ability to make sound business contracts that will safely benefit both parties.
  • Solicitor: sufficient knowledge of the legal system needed to give meaningful advice to others.


  • Barrister: sufficient knowledge of the legal system needed to conduct trials.
  • Proctor: allows the prosecution of theological crimes that have been committed.

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