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Species chthonic (devil)
No. Appearing 5–30
Behaviour mind slaves
Range Hell, ruin, subterranean
Size 5 ft. 7 in. tall
Weight 260 lbs.
Intelligence 8–9
Armour Class 7
Hit Dice 3
Action Points 4
Max. Stride
THAC0 19
Hp/Die d8
Attack Forms fist
Damage 2–8
Special Attacks immunities, magic to hit, regeneration,
spellcasting, summoning, teleport,

Lemure, and sometimes called "devil-lemure," are a form of devil rarely appearing on the prime material plane. Lemure are warped and mis-shapen in various ways, but always bulbous in profile. They possess a great hatred for living creatures and an intense reverence towards their masters, the lesser and greater devils who rule over lemure as slaves. Lemure take almost no part in tormenting the Damned; they serve in other ways.



Most devils, unlike demons, rarely venture beyond their place of origin. Lemure, however, are the commonest form to find in the world. Unlike the traditional image of a "devil," lemure are often misunderstood and wrongly identified as undead when they appear.

This is supported by the common appearance of lemure on battlefields or near graveyards, for they are vengeful and take pleasure from desecrating the dead. This includes removing corpses from tombs; it's not known why. Some have argued it's to punish the dead in Hell, that their memory will be lost to the living; but this claim has found no evidence to support it.

They lurk upon battlefields with the hopes of catching stray soldiers who have fled in cowardly fashion from the fray. Each lemure of the number appearing will attempt to seize and return to Hell with a single victim, who will be feasted upon by the lemure's masters. It is especially the live victims, with their souls intact, that are desired.


Some attacks by the lemure can be performed at will, at a cost of only 1 action point (AP). These don't require casting or discharge, and cannot be disrupted in combat as spells can; they don't require concentration. Only one such power can be employed each round, in addition to the demon's physical attacks and movement.

Ultravision enables the lemure to see natural light that's normally invisible to humanoid eyes, effectively illuminating darkness to the intensity of dusk or dawn.
Summoning can be employed to materialize another lemure with a 25% chance of success. They will attempt to do this early in the fight, before serious melee is engaged.
Teleport allows the demon to flick from place to place during a fight, or move to safety when they feel truly threatened.

In addition, once per day lemure are able to cast the following spells: suggestion, know intent, cause fear and animate dead. These are performed at the 3rd level of ability. Typically, the lemure will teleport to a safe distance before beginning to cast.

Lemure have natural immunities to sleep and charm, as well as attacks from cold attacks, natural and magical fire, and gas; these immunities apply to spells as well as other kinds of attack.

It requires magic to hit these creatures.

They can regenerate 2 hit points per round, restoring damage at this rate as their wounds automatically close before they can bleed.

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