Levitation (spell)

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Levitate enables the caster to affect any single living thing or object up to 100 lbs. per level of the caster. This movement is strictly vertical, either up or down. Unwilling creatures are entitled to a saving throw against magic if they do not wish to be levitated.

Range touch
Duration 10 rounds per level
Area of Effect 1 creature or object;
10 rounds per level
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw negates
Level mage (2nd)

The movement rate cannot exceed 20 feet in a single round, but any lesser speed is equally possible. Movement cannot be both upwards and downwards in a single round. Multiple objects or creatures may not be moved with the spell.

To either stop or start movement, the caster must expend 1 action point. The spell can be cancelled without any movement cost, allowing creatures to fall and suffer damage, or to smash objects or drop them on defenders.

Horizontal movement is not empowered by the spell, but if a creature is able to push or pull itself by some means, say along a vertical wall or with a rope, the levitation will continue to suspend the creature while this is done. Forte, gust of wind or push will also cause the affected creature or object to move. Objects levitated within reach from the ground can be pushed along—depending on their mass, they may be difficult to start moving, or difficult to stop once they've gained momentum.