List of Ranges

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Ranges are natural environments in which varieties of monsters live, where they are best adapted to finding food, shelter, protection and mates for reproduction. With intelligent monsters, culture and behaviour can have a great deal to do with where a monster chooses to live. Ranges are characterized by physical and biological features, affected by latitude and vegetation.

Some plants and animals have habitat requirements which are met by a wide number of ranges. Some of these creatures can thrive both in the wild and in civilized habitats, and may be able to survive equally well in very dry and very wet climates, because of their adaptability. Each creature's description includes the different ranges in which that creature can thrive. It is possible to find a creature out of its range, due to special circumstances, particular where the fringe of one sort of range encroaches on another. In general, however, a creature will only dwell inside its normal range of habitation.

Certain creatures will not dwell naturally upon the Prime Material plane; therefore, other planes of existence are included in the list of ranges below.

List of Ranges

Below is a list of ranges that are common to the game world:

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