Magic Missile (spell)

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Magic missile creates one or more bolts of magic that the caster can direct at enemies, causing damage without the possibility of a saving throw. A roll to hit is unnecessary; each bolt infallibly hits its target, causing 2-5 damage. Missiles may be fired at various targets as the caster wishes.

Magic Missile
Range 60 ft. + 10 ft. per level
Duration until fired; see text
Area of Effect 1 or more creatures; see text
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level mage (1st)

Once the spell is cast, one bolt may be discharged per each action point (AP) of the caster. Initially, between 1st to 3rd level, the caster possesses but one missile, so the time needed to discharge the spell is minimal. So long as the caster maintains his or her concentration, the bolt can be "held back" after casting, waiting for the precise moment when it's to be released. However, during this time the character can only expend 1 AP per round at no other activity except moving at stride-1 — and if the caster is jarred or otherwise loses concentration, then the missile is lost.

For each three levels above 1st, an additional missile is gained. Thus, a 4th level character would have two missiles; a 7th level three; a 10th level four and so on. Eventually, the number of missiles will exceed the caster's action points, so that they must wait to be released in the next round.