Magical Vestment (spell)

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Magical vestment creates clerical raiments that provide a magical equivalent to banded armour, for an armour class (AC) of 4. These vestments can be bestowed upon any humanoid recipient. Bonuses from dexterity and other magical items, such as a ring of protection, are added cumulatively to the spell's effect.

Magical Vestment
Range touch
Duration 6 rounds per level
Area of Effect 1 creature
Casting Time 2 rounds
Saving Throw none
Level cleric (3rd)

The recipient may also employ a shield and wear a helmet, which will improve armour class normally. For every three levels above 5th, a +1 bonus is added to vestments armour class (AC 3 at 8th level, AC 2 at 11th, AC 1 at 14th and so on. This additional bonus is also counted when making a saving throw against attacks that threaten the recipient's body.

Armour may be worn in addition to the vestment, but the effects of this armour should be treated separately and not in addition to the vestment's effect. For example, a character wearing scale mail becomes a recipient of magical vestment; because the vestment's armour class is better than that of scale mail, the latter is ignored for the purpose of combat. If the recipient were to be wearing plate mail, on the other hand, which would provide 1 better armour class than the vestment as cast by a 5th level, the magical vestment's effect would be ignored.

Only character classes that are able to wear armour may be affected by the spell. Otherwise, the caster's deity would refuse to bestow the spell's effect.