Melf's Arrow (spell)

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Melf's Arrow conjures a magical projectile that targets a chosen enemy, causing 4-13 damage (3d4+1). To strike a target, the caster must expend 1 action point (AP) to aim it, done by rolling a d20 to hit, needing to achieve armour class 10 to hit, regardless of the target's protection or nature. A bonus of +1 to hit is granted.

Melf's Arrow
Range 60 ft.
Duration until contact
Area of Effect 1 "arrow"
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level mage (2nd)

If the target is missed, the arrow flies past and remains in play, circling around to attempt another strike in the next round, at any target wished. This need not be the same target as previous attempts. So long as the caster expends AP, these attempts may continue indefinitely until a target is hit. In the interim, Melf's arrow may be magically dispelled, or an opponent may run to a place where the arrow cannot reach. If no target is in sight in any given round, the arrow dissipates harmlessly.

An additional arrow is gained by the caster at 7th level, so that both may be "shot" at the same time. If the caster maintains concentration, the arrows can be fired one at a time. A third arrow is gained at 11th level and a fourth at 15th. No further arrows are gained beyond these.


Melf Ithilvandil, also Moonstaff, was an Elvish archmage who lived during the collapse of Old Ulthua and is believed to have died at the battle of Silver Lake in 501 BCE. The arcane texts containing his spells defied interpretation for a thousand years, until much was resolved by Simon Magus. He is often called the "Father of Magic," as comprehension of Ithilvandil's works are believed to be the inspiration for modern spellcasting.