Phantom Armour (spell)

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Phantom armour conjures a suit of quasi-real plate mail armour that embraces a recipient, providing armour class (AC) 3. To others, the armour is substantially invisible, though an initial flash occurs at the moment the spell is discharged as evidence the dweomer has taken place.

Phantom Armour
Range touch
Duration 6 hours or until depleted
Area of Effect 1 creature; see text
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level illusionist (1st)

The magic may be cast overtop of whatever the recipient is wearing, including armour that's already worn. The effective AC of the spell supercedes all other benefits, whether armour or dexterity, neither of which is taken into account when the phantom armour is in place.

Character classes normally unable to wear armour may enjoy the benefits of phantom armour, as both movement and spellcasting are unaffected. Phantom armour has no "weight" and doesn't affect encumbrance.

The armour grants a +1 saving throw against area effect attacks, such as fireball and breath weapons, per 3 levels of the caster.

Absorbing Damage

When the character is hit, damage is accrued by the armour rather than befalling the wearer. Phantom armour absorbs up to 4 hit points (h.p.) +1/level of the caster; thus, a 7th level caster could bestow phantom armour that absorbs 11 h.p.

Once the armour is struck for all the damage it can absorb, the dweomer is dispelled. Additional damage is then taken by the wearer.

For example, Maria is wearing phantom armour that can withstand 8 h.p., when she's hit for 10 damage. The first 8 are taken up by armour, which then evaporates. The remaining two damage are suffered by Maria.