Pocket Timepiece (sage ability)

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Pocket Timepiece is an amateur-status sage ability that enables the character to create a functional pocket timepiece that keeps accurate time. While the timepiece must be wound every day, as it will not last longer than 24 hours, the timepiece sets the time accurately so long as it is exposed to the sun, the moon or the stars. The pocket timepiece will not set itself under a clouded sky or if underground. Still, the character can set the timepiece manually, guessing the approximate time, though of course the minute and hour hands will not be accurate.

Pocket Timepiece.jpg

The timepiece cannot be made to function as a stop-watch, a compass or any other small device. It is designed only to tell time. It may be of any size up to the span of the maker's hand and may feature details, motifs or private symbols of a diverse nature, gems, types of metal, engraving and so on, that will enable the maker to identify it at once, should it go missing. Presuming the character has the means through other abilities, glyphs, runes or sigils may be added. The timepiece does open so a fire trap is a potential as well.

The timepiece may have means to attach a chain. Multiple timepieces may be made which, if all exposed to the celestial heavens as described above, will be precisely accurate with one another.


Manufacturing time requires 6 days to make the workings for one square inch of timepiece size (as all components must be made from scratch). Timepieces must be made of brass, silver or gold, but they may contain up to 20% copper, pewter, platinum or chromium. Calculate the cost of metal as 1.5 ounces per square in. of timepiece face, assuming a watch that is no thicker than ⅜ inches. Cost of engraving, jewels for the face or other designs can be worked out piecemeal according to what the character can do themselves and what the market prices are. Creating a timepiece requires a jeweller's loupe.

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