Poisoning (sage study)

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Poisoning is a sage study in the field of Grace, incorporating alchemically harming creatures with toxic substances, including the use of corrosive substances that destroy tissue. The practice is intended to disable, cause severe illness and most notably death. Part of the study is also to manage and identify exposure to poisons, as a defense against creatures and enemies employing these tactics.

Associated with the knowledge comes an ongoing partnership with the poison trade — various entities who obtain the plants, venoms and ichor of varying creatures for sale to alchemists, transforming these crude materials into refined poisons. Thereafter, those with a knowledge of poisoning are able to make these toxins subtle and undetectable, until the moment when a personage is made ready to unexpectedly perish from a taste of wine or other delicacy.

Sage Abilities

The sage abilities below are those acquired by a character through the study, according to status.

Amateur Status

  • Acid Use: provides for the safe storage and employment of acid as a corrosive weapon, providing a +1 bonus in combat.
  • Detoxification: reduces the effects of poisoning and other toxic damage, through the use of substances.
  • Dosing: the art of slipping a poison or other substance into a ready glass or prepared food.


  • Drain Venom: allows the harvest of vital alchemical fluids from the bodies of various toxic creatures.


  • Create Poison Gas: enables the making of small amounts of poison gas in order to affect multiple persons.
  • Poison Immunity I: defies the dangers of a specific poison, gained through association with that substance.
  • Subtle Poisoning: enables the character to poison a victim in a manner that resembles a natural disease.


  • Poison Immunity II: defies the dangers of all poisons, gained through association with lethal substances.

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